Farm fun

A few saturdays ago, I took the kids over to my parents house to play with their cousins and the new goat. One of the broodmares died after giving birth, and the foal lived. Newborn foals will not survive without companionship so my parents have rented a pygmi goat named Jasmine. She loves the foal....and she also loves kids!! I had no idea you could rent a goat!!?

We had a really fun afternoon. The kids took turns walking Jasmine, Cooper took everyone for a ride on the ranger, and we walked in the woods. While the kids were playing on the swingset Jasmine would stand guard and watch for Tessa (my brother Drew's black and tan coondog). If Tessa would get to close little Jasmine would run at Tessa and butt her out of the way. Soooooo funny to watch. Jasmine doesn't even come up to my knees, and big Tessa stands about to my waist. Jazzy (as the kids call her) must think Tessa is a threat (even though she loves the kids too).

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prechrswife said...

Looks like a fun day. :-) I didn't know you could rent a goat, either.