Farm fun

A few saturdays ago, I took the kids over to my parents house to play with their cousins and the new goat. One of the broodmares died after giving birth, and the foal lived. Newborn foals will not survive without companionship so my parents have rented a pygmi goat named Jasmine. She loves the foal....and she also loves kids!! I had no idea you could rent a goat!!?

We had a really fun afternoon. The kids took turns walking Jasmine, Cooper took everyone for a ride on the ranger, and we walked in the woods. While the kids were playing on the swingset Jasmine would stand guard and watch for Tessa (my brother Drew's black and tan coondog). If Tessa would get to close little Jasmine would run at Tessa and butt her out of the way. Soooooo funny to watch. Jasmine doesn't even come up to my knees, and big Tessa stands about to my waist. Jazzy (as the kids call her) must think Tessa is a threat (even though she loves the kids too).

Modeling for Daddy

YEAH!!!! New photos of the kids....I should say new professional photos of the kids. They of course are perfect! Not sure why we don't have them done more often...I mean, all I have to do is be sweet to the photographer and he does his thing!! Actually I don't even have to do that, he's the one that tells me when they need to be done.....I'm really very bad about being on a schedule. Anway, without further ado...........our adorable kids!!

Cleanest mirror...EVER

Miss Isabelle is turning into the biggest helper, and I love it. Her job, when cleaning the bathroom is the mirror - which she has never really gotten into until this past week. When I told her it was time to clean the bathroom, her reply (actually it was more of a yell!) was, "I'll get my stuff". Off she ran to get her cleaning supplies, and continued to climb up onto the counter and cleaned away.
Sorry for the lack of clothing that she doesn't have on. We need to stip to the bare minimum when using cleaning products --- she seems to get more on her clothing than the actually thing she is cleaning.
Also, I'm feeling bad about the lack of Cooper photos. The princess and I spend a lot of time at home together when Coops is in school, and I'm quite sure he doesn't want me to follow him around at school with the camera....although I would!!


Don't you just love this photo? It's sooooooo the princess, very cute and a very big can just see it in her eyes!!

Miss Izzy has a hard time saying her "f's". Depending on the word, she either replaces the "f" with another letter or completely drops the "f" altogether. So, we were in the fabric store with my friends Sharon and Candy, and Izzy spots a quilt hanging with fish all over it, and proceeds to yell "look Sharon a bitch, all kinds of bitches". The whole store came to a stand still. I had to laugh - the look on all these women's faces was priceless. Of course, I said very loudly "Yes, hunny look at all those fish. What colors are they?"

This past Sunday it happened again. We were at my grandparents house after church for coffee, and Isabelle with her very active imagination, holds out her hand to my grandpa and says "look Opa, I caught a bitch, you want to pet him? It's a small bitch so I have to throw him back". I am laughing hysterically, and my grandpa gives me a look that asks what are you teaching this child!!

For the love of black olives!!

The princess LOVES her black olives. We went grocery shopping a few weeks ago, and as we were going down one of the aisles, she very politely asked if she could have black olives for being good. Weird, I know - what can I say the kids love vegetables. When we were home and putting away the groceries all she wanted, (when she wants something she's super determined to get it) was the darn black olives. So....we opened up the can and she went to town. She puts them on 5 fingers and then eats them off, then repeats. Before I knew it, she had eaten the whole can. Thought for sure we would have a sick little munchkin. We didn't, thank goodness!!
(Oh - yes, I know we have been a-wall for quite some time. Hopefully it won't happen again!!)

Huge fights!!

I'm not sure who would get more frustrated with teeth brushing....Isabelle or myself. She hated to brush her teeth. It was a HUGE argument every morning and every night to get her to brush her teeth. I've even thrown out the ole" "Your teeth are going to rot out of your head, little girl". I'm sure she doesn't even know what that means, let alone care!!
So, while Christmas shopping one day - I came across a kiosk selling children's electric toothbrushes, and thought why not? Best darn Christmas present to date!!!!!!! She loves it. No more yelling or screaming at each other, in fact - she would now brush once an hour if she could!